I finished a mission and the next one won't unlock. Help!
There was a bug in 1.0 that would prevent a mission from unlocking if you quit at any point during the prior mission. This would occur, for example, if you hit the home button or received a phone call. The 1.1 update fixes this problem. If you are experiencing this in 1.1, please contact us immediately.
I'm having a difficult time destroying the enemy chopper.
Remember that the primary focus should be the goal of each mission — not destroying the enemy chopper. Having said that, a good heat-seeking missile from afar or dodging its bombs until it runs out and returns to base are both effective strategies for dealing with the enemy chopper.
I'm having a hard time controlling my chopper or the controls aren't sensitive enough.
Armor Raiders provides two mechanisms for controlling your chopper — tilt control & virtual joystick. Additionally, the game preferences have a slider which adjusts the sensitivity of the chopper control. Try both control methods and tweak with the sensitivity until you find a setup that is comfortable for you.
How do I accumulate more money?
Money accumulates at double the rate when your chopper is in dangerous territory (e.g. further to the right of the screen). Where the "danger zone" begins is different for each mission.