Armor Raiders is a unique combination of arcade and real-time strategy for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a re-imagining of classic games such as Rescue Raiders and Armor Alley with superb artwork and more depth of play.

The world is at war against a powerful enemy. You command an elite combat force that must eliminate the enemy threat and restore peace. You'll control a heavily-armed chopper that can fly across the field of battle. Use it to support your ground units as they attempt to complete the primary objective of six missions exploding across Africa and Europe.

  • Control a chopper with machine guns, bombs and heat-seeking missiles using a virtual joystick or accelerometer
  • 6 unique ground units: tanks, anti-aircraft vehicles, EMP trucks, soldiers, engineers and munitions experts
  • 6 missions to complete
  • Weapon upgrades as game progresses
  • Beautiful graphics and music
  • Game Center integration with leaderboards and achievements