The core Servus product has no monthly fees and doesn’t require an Internet connection or a data plan on your tablet.* It uses Wi-Fi Android tablets which cost hundreds of dollars less than Apple’s 3G/LTE iPad. Keep this in mind when comparing Servus to its competition.


Servus is licensed on a per-device basis. You will need to purchase one license per device you plan to use in your Servus system.

Note: hardware is not included — see our supported hardware list for devices that are officially supported by Servus.

Starter Edition

  • Smaller restaurants who want to derive the benefits of a guest management system while spending the least amount possible.
  • Works on a single tablet allowing you to replace your existing paper-based system.
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Upgrade Edition

  • Once you’ve realized the benefits of the Starter Edition and are ready to further increase your system’s capabilities, you can convert your existing Starter license into a Professional Edition one.
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Professional Edition

  • Larger restaurants that need multiple devices for guest management.
  • Supports the use of PagerLink to integrate with hardware pager systems.
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* The free cell phone paging add-on requires Internet and setting up an account with a third-party vendor. The minimal monthly fee involved (about $0.99) is paid directly to that vendor.