Get ready to experience Mayan Madness and test your reflexes in this addictive casual game for your iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices!

The Mayan gods are feeling benevolent (what with the whole 2012 thing and all) and have decided to rain down treasure! Use your finger to catch as many coins as possible. But beware — missing any will surely incur their wrath! The more you catch, the higher your score.

Be on the lookout jewels and other objects that will provide power-ups, boost your score, unlock achievements and hidden levels. Unleash the awesome power of the matrix and chubby artifacts! Unearth the spinner and pachinko physics levels!

Can you make it to the inner sanctum? Fans of the old Atari 2600 game Kaboom! will feel right at home.

  • A simple, intuitive game that will give your reflexes a workout!
  • Many, many levels of increasing challenge — how far into the temple can you get?
  • Special objects provide power-ups and unlock physics-based hidden levels (version 2.0 and higher).
  • Endurance challenge mode to compete with friends.
  • A variety of achievements to unlock.
  • Global leaderboards — compete against your friends (or enemies) over the Internet.
  • Localized for English & French (iOS only).