We work hard to please.

"One of those rare engineers who is both a careful, clear thinker and an extremely productive developer. The quality of the software he produces is excellent."— Derk N, software architect

"..more than someone who writes high-quality code. He understands the big picture while not losing fact that we are creating something for our customers."— Mike G, cto

"...one of the finest, highly-skilled development resources I have had the pleasure to work with. He is able to accept a wide range of assignments and runs these needing little guidance..."— Samantha K, project manager

"In addition to his expertise and his fantastic work ethic, Dan is very personable and possesses excellent communication skills. He is motivated and doesn't need a lot of direction in order to take action."— Jeff P, vp product development

"...a very motivated and positive individual and I would highly recommend him to lead or to contribute to any technical software project..."— Brett G, software manager

"...took minimal guidance on several projects and returned with stellar, functional additions to our application that integrated seamlessly."— Marcus M, finance & technology exec

"...one of the most capable software engineers that I have had the opportunity to work with over the last 15 years."— Stephanie T, software engineer